Renovations & Constructions


Theo and his team of professionals has enjoy renovating real property. His vast knowledge in construction, working and representing builders and homeowners has served his clients well over 30 years. With now operations in the USA and Europe, Theo is able to assist you with all your renovation and building projects.


Here at we strive to pioneer in the area of renovation and we always do our best to stand out for our long-term experience, thanks to the excellent projects we have to show. We are proud of the hundreds of renovations we have completed both on budget projects (regardless of the cost of the renovation) and on residences of particularly high standards, luxurious materials and unique aesthetics. wishes to be the top choice in the field of constructions and renovations. Our aim is to offer our customers a complete and personalized solution for the renovation of your home or hotel, respecting both your preferences and your budget. We have long experience in renovations and many completed projects. Our commitment to the customer goes further as we focus on providing excellent service at the best possible value for money.

With the passage of time, the properties that surround us need care and enhancement so that they continue to serve the needs of modern man as well as the demands of the new era. At we upgrade your existing residence or commercial property (hotel or other business) by providing solutions so that it continues to offer you everything you desire, everything you have imagined and deserves to be enjoyed in your everyday life, ensuring the timeless value of real estate your.

Exclusive Renovation

Luxurious renovations with unique creations for your own unique residence. We provide incomparable and special services of outstanding quality and aesthetics. At the same time we associate architecture with social anthropology and psychoanalysis for unparalleled results that reflect your real needs and desires.


We make you master of your challenges through architectural inquiry, by finding the right questions. Results: Strategic frameworks, special development roadmaps, action plans, system designs etc.


We use architectural engineering to innovate meaningful and viable physical and virtual urban concepts that people will love to have, use and live with. Results: Building design & engineering, technical specifications, visualizations, communication tools etc.


We deliver spaces in an agreed quality and manage them during the construction as well as their whole life cycle until their entire recycling.
Results: Construction management and supervision plans, quality management and facility management guidelines, etc.

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